LOOKING FOR A FATAL DISTOPIA within the world tour of the project 100x100=900 (100 vidoartists to tell the century)

LOOKING FOR A FATAL DISTOPIA by Marina Fomenko (year 1939) has been shown within the world tour of the project 100x100=900 (100 vidoartists to tell the century) project by Magmart Festival



"Portrait of the Shukhov Tower" in the "Museum of Moscow"

"Portrait of the Shukhov Tower" will be shown in the "Museum of Moscow" 7-8 September 2013, 21.00-23.00, in the video program "Urban dreamers", prepared by the Center of Culture and Art "MediaArtLab."


Now&After director Marina Fomenko presents Now&After festival within LOOK! Moscow project

1 August: Now&After director Marina Fomenko presents Now&After festival within LOOK! Moscow project.

The special selection will be shown.


11 Russian Artists in Maglehem

Maglehem, a small Swedish village with a population of 162 people, located on the Baltic Sea shore, is an isolated community of artists, favorite throughout Sweden. Artists invite guests on Midsummer’s Eve, a holiday of the Summer solstice, widely celebrated in Sweden. Visitors come to the village to spend time in nature and to admire artworks by local artists. This year, the 11 Russian Artists in Maglehem exhibition will be presented here. It is a kind of response to the Maglehem — A Place on Earth exhibition, which occurred in Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2011. Eleven artists from Russia will bring their works to this unusual place.

Artists are divided into pairs, a Maglehem-based accepting artist and a guest artist from Russia. Marina Fomenko presented her works (5 videos) in the studio of Malin Schønbeck and met daily with visitors.


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