Modus Operandi solo show at A3 Gallery

20.04 - 30.04 - Marina Fomenko solo show Modus Operandi at A3 Gallery

Opening:  20.04, 7 pm, A3 Gallery,

Staroconyushenny lane, 39

Modus Operandi is a Latin phrase used to describe a method of operating and people’s behavioral patterns. It is not always possible for an outside observer to grasp the logic of others’ behavior. Their actions assume the nature of the mysterious ambiguity opened for any interpretation. These manifestations of daily life have their own internal rhythm and music, which the author finds for them in musical works outside.

"Modus Operandi” series’ videos are presented all together at first time: Modus Operandi / Afloat, Modus Operandi / Lotus&Viola, Modus Operandi / Sea&Waltz, Modus Operandi / Fog&Waltz, Modus Operandi / Dance.