Daybreak, Sunset, Cow Milk

experimental doc film, 2020, 21:21

A cattle farm in Siberia, exemplary once, and now slowly slipping into decline. Rebellions are foreign to this animal farm. It is home for cows who give milk. Their whole life is spent between the cowshed and the breeding stalls, dedicated to making a healthy product. Each day they’re waiting for a dairymaid to come and relieve them of the burden of milk. It is one day in the life of the farm: morning milking, evening milking, breeding stalls, farm dairy. Dairy workers arrive before daybreak. The space inhabited by cows is invaded by people, combining animals and machines, creating cow hybrids with mechanical udders. At sunset, dairy workers return for another milking session. The milk is transported to the farm dairy and leaves the facility soon after. In the stalls, calves are born, thus, temporarily returning cows to their natural lives. A handful of women perform backbreaking and low-paying work to maintain the cowshed.

Thanks to

Alexey Savarinsky, Alexey Toropchin, Ksenia Bogdanovich, Lidia Chudnova, Tatyana Popova, Vasily Kistanov, Vitaly Patsyukov, Vladimir Kireev, Zoya Nikolaenko.


Tomaso Albinoni, Frederic Chopin, Daniel Barbiro

(License CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 US ( )

Vladimir Tarasov, ATTO I

 A song is performed by Zoya Nikolaenko.

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Best Short Film, Ecozine Film Festival, Spain (2022)
THE BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY,  Alternative Film Festival, Торонто, Канада (2021)
Honourable Mention, 01 NFT New Media Experimental Digital Arts Film Festival, USA (2022)
Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (LBMA) the Award Winner  (2022)


Black Swan International Film Festival (BSIFF), India (2022)
San Francisco Green Film Festival (2022)
Nature Without Borders International Film Festival, USA (2022)

Alternative Film Festival, Торонто, Канада (2021)
23rd Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, Франция (2021)
полуфиналист Near Nazareth Film Festival (2021)
27th CineEco, Португалия (2021)
Apricot Tree Ujan International Film Festival, Армения (2021)
semi-finalist of Couch Film Festival, Канада (2021)
IDFF Artdocfest Riga, Латвия (2021)
Artdocfest, Россия (2021)