Modus Operandi / Lotus&Viola

Single-channel video, 8:46, 2013

from the series "M.O.". Modus Operandi (M.O.) is a Latin fraise used to describe a method of operating and people’s behavioral patterns. It is not always possible for an outside observer to grasp the logic of others’ behavior. Their actions assume the nature of the mysterious ambiguity that is open for any interpretation.

It is a sacral place, Ryōan-ji temple in Kyoto and its water garden the Kyoyochi Pond, built in the 12th century. Cleaning of the reservoir that has existed for 900 years is both ecological balance maintenance and heritage preservation. These guys do their job in the same way as they would have done it 900 years ago; it is a ritual, without having the beginning or the end, a work within eternity.

Music: Oleg Paiberdin "Anthem in Memory of H. Purcell". Performed by ensemble "Viola" conducted by Valery Averin.


2017 - Modus Operandi solo show, A3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 - The Ecology of Art Space, special project of IX SHIRYAEVO BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Samara

2015 - Visual Scores project at the GROUND Peschanaya within NCCA festival To See the Sound (special progect of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art)

2015 - CologneOFF X, Germany


2015 – Collection Video Biomus within Collection Biomus project, Timiryazevsky Biological Museum

2016 - Ecoscope, Parallel program of Photobiennale 2016, CCI Fabrika
Ecoscope (2017-2019)- Taipei, Taiwan; Kaliningrad NCCA (2019), Novosibirsk (2019)

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13.10-13.11.2016 - Sleep of Painting Creates Cinematograph, Gallery Belyaevo and Na Kashirke, Moscow

2017 - Master Class At 68 Montecatini International Short Film Festival

2.10 – 13.10.2013 - Tetramatika, the Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine