Children’s Games __ Childfree

two-channel video installation, 2009



Childfree – this term means voluntary childlessness, a deliberate wish not to have children.
Children’s games mean innocent fun, and their rules have been passed on from one generation to the next one. Children’s energy is concentrated in the places where they like to play. In the home it’s their room, and outside it’s a playground.
When this spaces come in contact with Childfree zones, marginal spaces appear in the narrow gap between them, where the lines separating past, present and future are blurred.
The playground is a reflection of social life. Without kids their places are taken by dolls. They are playing adults’ games which they have learned from the children. Games that we all know – tags, hide-and-seek, make-it-yourself, moving targets – is where the dolls are practicing their newly-learned skills (“Winter' games”).
The confined space of an abandoned children’s room still keeps some residual energy of its former dwellers, creating a force field of lost memories (“Summer games”).



Video installation "Children Games_Child Free" was presented in the project of special program of 3d Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art "Swedish Family".