LOOKING FOR A FATAL DISTOPIA by Marina Fomenko (year 1939) takes part in 100x100=900 (100 vidoartists to tell the century)


The Calendar of 100x100=900 (100 vidoartists to tell the century)


From 15 to 19 at RICHLAND COLLEGE
Richland College, Multimedia Department, Dallas, Texas (USA)

From 18 to 19 at NUOVO CINEMA AQUILA [Official presentation of Project] via L’Aquila 68 00176 Rome (Italy)

On 26 at Moscow Museum of Modern Art Petrovka st. 25 Moscow (Russia)


The deadline of Now&After’13 is over. We received 848 submissions from 57 countries for the third edition of the Festival.


Thanks everybody who sent applications to Now&After’13! We are going to tell you about results of the selection early April.