AREAS OF alienation

Lack of love and friendship causes ‘exclusion zones’ to appear around us. Who is in the risk group? Those forgotten and no longer needed, those who have turned their backs on each other or crossed each other on the way, those who’ve lost each other in the crowd or in the net. Self-sufficient against their own will, they are all victims of indifference and social distance, lack of interest and lack of care, alienation and detachment.
With the help of painting, sculpture, photography, mobilography, video and the Internet, participants of the project reflect on what keeps big-city dwellers apart, on loneliness and distrust. The artists want to know what is it like sticking out in a crowd, how virtual relationships develop, and what is left when love is gone.

"Zones of Estrrangement" in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2009

Artists:  Evgenia Dolinina, Alla Dolgaleva, Sergey Erkov, Galina Emelina, Marina Fomenko, Maria Ionova-Gribina, "I am", Vera Undritzova, Elena Yudina.


"Zones of Alienation" in LOT gallery, Lexington, USA, 2010

Artists:  Evgenia Dolinina, Galina Emelina, Marina Fomenko, Maria Ionova-Gribina, "I am", Taus Makhacheva, Vera Undritzova, Elena Yudina.