Illustration № 32 to the List of Bas Jan Ader

Video installation, mixed media, 2008-2010


The life of myth in art is often supported by artists themselves. Bas Jan Ader went missing at sea 36 years ago while attempting his performance "In Search of the Miraculous" and remained in History of Art as a legend. Artists have been still reconstructing performances of Bas Jan Ader: the notion of failure of "Fall", the emotional intensity of " I’m Too Sad To Tell You” and the romanticism of the fatal "In Search of the Miraculous". After watching a documentary film about Bas Jan Ader and the documentation of his performances, I experienced the influence of romantic and conceptual message of the artist and shot a video "Unidentified Falling Objects (UFO)". It is a remake of the “Fall” performances by Bas Jan Ader reenacted for a mechanical creature on a window sill which imitates anything surrounding. The result of the UFO’s denial of its own identity and its attempts to take the shape alien to it is fiascos. Its failures bear the same name as the artist’s performances.

Then I started to make a list of artists reconstructed his performances. I am № 32 in this list. Video installation "Illustration № 32 to the list of Bas Jan Ader" consists of being in progress list of artists and my reconstruction of the “Fall” performances.

"llustration № 32 to the List of Bas Jan Ader" has been nominated for "Kandinsky Prize 2011" in nomination "Media Art. Project of the Year". The Kandisky Prize 2011 nominees’ exhibition will take place in CHA, Moscow, from September, 16 to October, 7.