Installation in 2 parts / mixed media, 2012 - 2013


«Modificator B/W» consists of two installations made of garbage: «White Enough» and «(cannot) win (cannot) surrender».

The artist studies and modifies the garbage from the perspective of an archaeologist of the future. Garbage discarded by the sea is painted in sterile white color. The artist creates from it artifacts of the city which return to drift in the water to close the circle («White Enough»). Garbage of the dump in the forest yawns of time injuries as war wounds; it is modified in black and white chessmen of no compromise confrontation in site of eternal fight (« (cannot) win (cannot) surrender »).

MODIFIER B/W has been shown at the GULAG museum ( within "Metaformoses" project of Special program of 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 21.09 - 21.11.2013

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