The co-curator of the Polish part of the program is Malgorzata Sobolewska (Centre of Contemporary Art WRO, Poland).

"Qui Vive?"II Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2010

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The boundary is a place where one thing ends and another begins. Ordinary boundaries have vulnerable spots and poorly defended sections in which frontier regions interpenetrate and the transition from one state to another is possible. Artists find these points of transition into another space and time, regions of different meaning, and virtual realities. They study transitions from one culture to another, from reality to imagination, and from the familiar to the unknown. They also study crossings in different dimensions and coordinates. The project presents works of Russian, Polish and US artists.

Artists: Доминик Боберский / Dominik Boberski, Пшемек Венгжин / Przemek Wegrzyn, Алексей Гога / Alexei Goga, Лукаш Гроновский / Lukasz Gronowski, Евгения Долинина / Yevgeniya Dolinina,  Ян Дыбала/ Jan Dybala, Галина Емелина / Galina Yemelina, Сергей Ерков / Sergey Yerkov,   Ларисса Меллор / Larissa Mellor, Анна Орликовска / Anna Orlikowska, Михал Пиотровский / Michal Piotrowski, Матэуш Садовский / Mateusz Sadowski, Пол Симмонс / Paul Simmons, Дмитрий Страковский / Dmitry Strakovsky, Ангелика Фойтух / Angelika Fojtuch, Филип Хробак / Filip Chrobak, Ян Шевчик / Jan Szewczyk, Наталья Шишова / Natalia Shishova, Я (Светлана Зайцева) / I am  (Svetlana Zaitseva).