Defragmentation of Memory


Co-curator - Daria Chapkovskaya

Parallel programm project of 4 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

State Museum of the GULAG (September 25 – October 15, 2011)

Participants: Alexander Tarbeev, Marina Fomenko, Daria Chapkovskaya, Innokentiy Sharkov

“Defragmentation of Memory” is a multimedia project, consisting of works of four artists. The works are united by the theme of re-creation, preservation and structure of human memory. In the process of defragmentation of memory we follow hyperlinks, and try to re-create the whole from seemingly unrelated fragments. We are re-writing the fragments to new algorhytm, re-creating and recovering the living texture of memory

The authors are appealing to Collective Unconscious, to memory which is transferred from generation to generation, to life memories of individual people. The project's structure is to go from generalities to detail, from eternal to transient: from memories inscripted in texts of the Bible and in structure of noosphere to memories of individuals and self-identification.

Interactive installation by Alexander Tarbeev “CyberVox” appeals to “Memory of Noosphere”, where all the results of thinking, emotions and verbal activity of humanity are stored. In the Chaos of Noosphere, every human occupies his own niche and leaves his own imprint. The movements of observers leave on the screen fragments of texts, informational imprint about them.

Installation “Cafe Deja Vu” by Marina Fomenko is offering a selection of memories instead of dishes. The artist is reaching individual memories of a person: visual, tactile, in sound and smell. The visitors can experience deja vu from their own past and in real time. Observers are also active participants in enrichment and creation of bank of memories “Cafe Deja Vu”.

To prove the fact of one's existence, to define oneself in space, time and memory of those who can see and contact you however briefly, - this is the theme of installation by Daria Chapkovskaya “Pillar of Self-identification”. It studies the elusive traces which accidental interactions leave in the memory of individuals.

Installation by Innokentiy Sharkov “Points of View” is a large rapidly turning globe. Onto the globe's surface one can see the face of a man reading fragments of Book of Ecclesiastes. At the same time we can see on the inside of the globe text of the theory of beginning of the Universe. Mixing together seemingly incompatible “points of view” - this is an essence of illusory nature of our models in the structure of the Universe.


Marina Fomenko and Innokenty Sharkov about "Defragmentation of Memory", TV CAO, Moscow