White Enough

Installation from sea garbage and video for the water / mixed media,  2012

City throws its garbage into the sea.

The sea returns it back.

I painted trash which I found on the beach into

sterile white color and created from it my own city:

A house, TV tower, monument, zoo, yacht.

Then I returned them to the water.

My video projection shows images of the city painted white.

WHITE ENOUGH in the GULAG museum (http://www.gmig.ru/) (project MODIFIER B/W by Marina Fomenko) within "Metaformoses" project of Special program of 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

21.09 - 21.11.2013

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WHITE ENOUGH in Mexico, 2012

View the embedded image gallery online at:


The installation has been made during my stay in the residency  for artists ONDARTE in Akumal, Mexico                                                                                           in January, 2012.

I gathered the garbage on the local beaches.