The Farm

three-channel video installation, 2018

The farm, formerly exemplary, but falling into decay nowadays, is a corporate part of Srostki village's life. The video installation shows an ordinary morning on the farm. The milkmaids come before dawn. People rush in the space inhabited by cows uniting animals and mechanisms, creating cows' hybrid with a mechanical udder. At that time a calf is born in a maternity cowhouse which returns animals to their natural life.
The project was created on the basis of the documentary footage shot on the cattle farm in Srostki village of the Altai Territory during the residency for artists in Srostki, the home village of famous Russian writer, artist and film director Vasily Shukshin.

Music  Daniel Barbiro "Fifteen miniatures for a prepared double bass"
License CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 US